North America Moving Systems has been satisfying customers since 2002. Here are a few testimonials of happy moving clients:

Name : Adam Nocks
Date: 02.16.2017

1.  Did you find the arrival of our truck neat, clean, and well organized?

A:   Very satisfied

2.  Was the crew knowledgeable about picking up and taking apart the furniture when loading them into the truck?

A:   Excellent

3.  Was the staff courteous and helpful at all times?

A:   Extremely responsive

4.  How long have you been a customer of our company?

A:   This is my first purchase

5.  Would you use us again?

A:   Extremely likely

6.  Can we use you as a reference?

A:   Very likely

7.  Which of the following words would you describe our Moving Company?

A:   Reliable

Comments and Suggestions

Test feedback

“I had a lot of expensive artwork and antiques to move, which I was worried about.It was no problem, though.They took care of it with no issues.”
–William Jackson

“North America did their job quickly, safely, and efficiently. I was impressed.”
–Mike D’Angelo

“They handled my things with care and got them back to me in my new place as soon as I could have wanted.”
-Brittany Rose

“They were polite and hard-working. There were no problems whatsoever.”
-Bill Hunt

“North America Moving Systems? They did a real good job. I was worried about moving for a long time but I was lucky to find them.”
-Mary Rosenberg

“Normally I always find things to complain about, but the movers really didn’t give me anything this time. It was a very good job.”
-Harriet Smith

“They got everything squared away real quickly and didn’t mess around with my things. It was much appreciated.”
–Eliza Jones

“I had a lot of expensive things to move, so I couldn’t risk hiring a bad moving company. Luckily I chose North America, who were professional and awesome.”
–Catherine Powell

“Getting all my stuff together wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be because the movers were so quick and organized.”
–Alex Henderson

“North America listened to my special requests and kept my important items from breaking. That’s all I could ask for from a move.”
–Tara Brown